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Titanic Cemetery.

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Last summer we drove out to Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada to visit the Titanic Cemetery. The visit brought the tragedy to life for us, especially seeing the grave of an unknown child.

Directly after our visit we drove a few hours to Port Greville. The Age of Sail museum was performing the Titanic Murder Mystery game as a fundraiser for their museum. They did a wonderful job. It was a memorable trip!

Many reminders of the tragedy as you read the tombstones.

Looking out over the cold ocean where the Titanic went down.

Our B&B during the visit. Ebb Tide Bed and Breakfast and Guest House

Beautiful Guest house filled with antiques. Below, the Age of Sail museums uses A Titanic Murder Mystery for their fundraiser.

What a great trip and experience. Thank you Oralee O'Byrne .

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