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Owners of Printable Murder Mystery Games.

Thank you for a fantastic game.
I have been hosting murder mystery
parties for over 10 years and yours

was the best yet!
Nina, Texas

The noble and somewhat dim-witted Prince Cedric, has been ruthlessly murdered. His body was discovered in the courtyard, missing its head, two fingers, and a rather fetching pair of velvet slippers.

Tonight, we shall embark on a journey of blood-soaked intrigue and dark secrets, where allies will become enemies, and the meek shall rise to expose their hidden daggers. For in the face of adversity, we shall be united as one kingdom, one family, and one big, dysfunctional, and occasionally murderous mess!

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The Game of Thorns
Murder Mystery

Game for 8 players 16+
This game is a medieval role-playing dinner party game with original characters and an original story inspired by shows like The Tudors, Pillars of the Earth and Game of Thrones. It has revenge, murder, severed body parts and raven messages. You will find everything you need to plan, play and host a successful medieval themed murder mystery dinner party, and have a great time doing it!
The Vampire Murder Mystery
Party Game,
(Game for 10 players)

t t t t t Reviewed by Aimie Holdorf

This kit included everything you could need in order to throw a great murder mystery party! Lables for wine, the character booklets and clues, menu cards and recipe ideas.
My friends all said they wanted to play again and I plan to buy the Christmas kit in December to do it all again.




The Blackwell family, friends and associates of the late Count Blackwell gather for dinner and the reading of
his Last Will and Testament.
The Count’s mysterious death occurred just the night before, when his remains were discovered in the library by his wife Elenor (Countess) around 1 AM. He had been reduced to a puddle of blood, ash and sinew.
This is a wonderfully dark and humorous role-playing dinner party game. Play as one of five Blackwell Vampire siblings who turn on each other throughout the evening, or as one of five humans that are caught in the middle of a dangerous family feud. Either way, secrets will be unearthed, lives will be threatened, and horrors revealed.
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Not sure which murder to solve next? Download this fabulous graphic novel (free) and read all the backstories, character descriptions, and future games now in development!

Murder Mystery Comic Book
Highclere Castle and Downton Abby winner Come and dine contest

Awarded runner-up in the
worldwide Downton Abbey
Dinner Party Competition.

We are so excited to announce that we have been awarded runner up for our entry
to Highclere Castle's Downton Abbey
 Come and Dine competition.

Click here to see our runner-up win!


Murder Mystery invitations
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