The Witches Coven Murder Mystery
      Game for 8, ages 16+ adult
4 Witches and 4 Warlocks

(See "All Female" version below)
It is the yearly coven meeting for the "Witches
and Warlocks of the Ancient Circle". A time of excitement and anticipation when the Grand Elevated Witch (coven leader) reviews everyone's developing powers and achievements from the previous year.
But something has gone terribly wrong. One of the witches has been found murdered in her home the night before the meeting and a very important spell book has been stolen. Can you solve this intriguing mystery and bring justice to a murdered coven member?

The suspects/players:

Torba Blackwood: The Grand Elevated Witch. Coven leader, ruthless and powerful.

Lance Bloodmoon: The Moon Warlock. Expert with the spirit board.

Ursula Frost: The Water Witch. Villainous sea witch with ambition.

Forester Moss: The Swamp Warlock. Eccentric warlock who lives in a shack.

Sarah Bishop: The Salem Witch. Obsessed with the witch trials of 1692.
Gordin Grimsbee:
The Chef Warlock. Loves to brew potions.

Callista Stone: The Glam Witch. Beautiful, self-centered and fashionable.
Magnus Shadowend: The Gypsy Warlock. Expert Tarot card reader.

Witches - Murder mystery

*Extra players:  Witches and Warlock detectives can be added as extra players. They are non suspect  players who recap the events of each round. The download has a special template, so you can printout as many booklets as you need. Extra witches are a good thing.

  • All games print from pdf files, both Mac and PC.

  • Easy to print and fold game booklets and clues.

  • Party invitations (also email versions).

  • Character backgrounds and costume suggestions.

  • Witch inspired recipes, and bottle labels.

  • Game solution and full game instructions.

  • Game play aprox 2 hours.


            You will need 65 sheets of blank paper to

      print the game’s booklets, clues, and solution.

Comes with suggested menu's and recipes.
Deviled Spider Eggs
Poison Apple Caramel Cake
Minty Eyeball Soup
Dipping Fingers
with Blood Sauce
Witches Caldron Stew
with Pumpkin Spiced Potatoes

Game for 8 players.

4 males and 4 female players:
$19.95 (US).

Would you like to play this game with
just your ghoulfriends?

Here is a all female version (same game as above) but created for 8 stubby-toed, crinkly-fingered, hooked nosed witches! Bond with your favorite witches over a cauldron of brew while solving a rather sinister murder!


Please note, if you have played the male - female version, then this game has the same basic story-lines as that one.


The suspects/players:

Torba Blackwood: The Grand Elevated Witch. Coven leader, ruthless and powerful.

Ursula Frost: The Water Witch. Villainous sea witch with ambition.

Sarah Bishop: The Salem Witch. Obsessed with the witch trials of 1692.
Callista Stone: The Glam Witch. Beautiful, self-centered and fashionable.

Luna Bloodmoon: The Moon Witch. Expert with the spirit board and phases of the moon.
Chloe Moss: The Swamp Witch. Eccentric witch who spends her days in the swamps.

Bernadette Grimsbee: The Kitchen Witch. Often found in her kitchen, brewing potions.
Helga Shadowend: The Gypsy Witch. Dramatic, and mysterious, expert tarot card reader.

Game for 8 players.

All female version: $19.95 (US).

Game reviews:

t t t t t     Reviewed by Colleen

Our Witches Coven Murder Mystery was AMAZING on Saturday night. We had seven 12-13 year old girls and 1 adult and myself as the host/assistant/server/etc. I couldn't have asked for a better game/puzzle for my daughter's 13th bday party. She LOVED it! Only 2 of the witches guessed the murder in the end, so it stayed puzzling throughout. You are very creative and I can't wait to do another one of your mysteries. Thank you!!!!

t t t t t     Reviewed by Tante Teche

Last weekend I hosted, yet again, another printable murder mystery game - The Witches Coven. Everyone loves a good party, but these games are great! All the exhaustion and frustration is eliminated because the package is all-inclusive. The interaction between the suspects is hilarious and engaging. You will not find better games than these.


t t t t t      Reviewed by kupferkim

Played this game with friends. Loved it! It was a big hit. The women really got into it. The recipes were a big help as well and made it more fun to go with the theme. Over all, everything was well written and all made sense. I will buy again from this company in a heartbeat.


t t t t t      Reviewed by Polka

Great fun - we played this entirely online via zoom and it worked well. The extra touches of menu, wine bottle labels etc are fab if you can host in person, but we're in lockdown so had to be virtual. No need to do a full dinner party (my group just all ordered their own takeaways!). The solution was satisfying and the clues/gameplay mechanics worked well. Would recommend!


t t t t t     Reviewed by Sahara874

A very good murder mystery, it was quite a humorous party!

t t t t t      Reviewed by Penina
This was purchased for a virtual ladies night with gals across the globe. It was close to Halloween and my birthday so I wanted to do something different than just catching up so I bought this and it was beyond perfect! We all really enjoyed a reason to get dressed up! They all blew me away with their enthusiasm 🖤 I def recommend this and will purchase here again!


t t t t t     Reviewed by Valerie

I bought this to use for my annual Witches Tea I have in October so I haven't played it yet but I feel this deserves a top review for all of the wonderful details included in this game. The directions are easy to follow as well. It literally includes everything you could possibly need. I am thinking of printing up the recipes to give my guests as an added party favor if I don't use them. What a great value as well. I will definitely be back to buy another game. Thank you!

t t t t t     Reviewed by Kelsie

We had such a great time playing our first murder mystery game from MurderMysterGames! Everything was set up so easily for printing and playing.

t t t t t     Reviewed by Sam

We had a really enjoyable evening with this kit. The script was funny and the whole thing was easy to follow. Particularly enjoyed the little additions like the wine bottle labels and the spell components. The characters were all individual and provided a lot of inspiration for dressing up. All in all, I would recommend this kit to anyone who's looking for a spooky evening with their friends.

t t t t t     Reviewed by Ali Bateman

What a beautifully crafted and detailed murder mystery game! I’ve hosted several murder mysteries in the past but this was BY FAR the most thoughtfully curated. Customer service was extremely helpful with some last minute questions as well!


t t t t t     Reviewed by Nerabe48

We had the best time! We got this for my moms 70th birthday party and it was a surprise so she didn’t know! We had the costume on her bed with the invite. She loved it!!! It was such a hit! Even the teenage boys (age 13) and the 2 littler boys (11 and 9) were dressed as witches and helped! Definitely will be doing a vampire or titanic one next! Thank you again for your work! It is so fun!

t t t t t     Reviewed by Heather

Super fun and easy to understand!! Thank you for a great party!


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All games are copyrighted for personal home use only. See license information for usage in hotel murder mystery productions, bed and breakfast establishments and fundraisers etc.