Gary laliberte is an award* winning party host who creates themed murder mystery dinner party games.


His games have been enjoyed worldwide since 2003. Along with individual home use, they have also been used for Benefits, Fundraisers, Galas, Hotels, and Bed and Breakfast establishments,  raising thousands of dollars for organizations such as the Lions Club, Age of sale museum, The Westmount Public Library, Hartwell Methodist Church and PBS television to name a few.


Gary and his partner Gérald travel to exotic locations where they research and create (see Travel Blog) each title. These games are fun, immersive and easy to prepare and play, and best of all you can download one today!

*awarded 2nd place in Highclere Castles World Wide Dinner Party Competition.

Whether you are the authentic Molly Brown from the Titanic, the Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, a favorite fairytale character, Jane Austen’s heroin Elizabeth Bennet, or a human at a table full of Vampires, you will have a blast!


Each Game comes with easy to print invitations, booklets, clues and instructions on how to create a sensational experience for your friends. All you need is a printer. The games also include authentic period inspired wine labels, full dinner party recipes, and plenty of ideas to create a spectacular party environment.


I hope you download one today and create a fantastic experience for your family and friends.

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Shown here:    Bloodlines, a Vampire Murder Mystery party game.

All games are copyrighted for personal home use only. See license information for usage in hotel murder mystery productions, bed and breakfast establishments and fundraisers etc.
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