The Western Murder Mystery
 Game for 8 players
18+ adult
It’s Saturday night in the old west,
which means plenty of gunfights,
heavy drinking and dangerous outlaws.

The town of Deadbeat is no different.
Unfortunately for Sheriff Pickit,
who was found shot to death and slumped
over his desk, it was a bad night.

His body was found by Deputy Sweeney
as he returned from a call at around 10PM.
A page from the Sheriff’s log book shows
a list of locals that came by to see him
during the day, and it’s Deputy Sweeney
who’s convinced one of them returned to
commit the murder.

Can you solve this rather twisted,
western comedy of errors?

Suspects, 4 male and 4 female:

Deputy Sweeney: A know it all kind of guy who’s rather inept at the job.

Lilly Willcox: Miss Lilly runs the “special” hotel in town.

Clayton Dotson: A mysterious gambler arrives in Deadbeat.
Ruby Christian: A small town school teacher with big hopes of catching a man.

Kwatoko Longbow: A fiery, dramatic Indian with a strong sense of justice.
Maggie Bushwacker: Local dance-hall girl who works for Miss Lilly.

Emmett Potts: A local sheep rancher with a big mustache.
Edna Roach: A tough female bounty hunter, who’s also a drinker and a fighter.

Comes with suggested menu's and recipes.
  • Game prints from a pdf file, both Mac and PC.

  • Easy to print and fold game booklets and clues.

  • Party invitations.

  • Character backgrounds and costume suggestions.

  • Western inspired recipes, and bottle labels.

  • Game solution and instructions.

  • Game play aprox 2 hours.


            You will need aprox 60 sheets of blank paper to

      print the game’s booklets, clues, and solution.

Game for 8 players.

4 males and 4 female players
$19.95 (US).

Eight player booklets, invitations, twelve game clues including four western themed wine/bottle labels, menus and character name tags.

"We played your Vampire murder mystery on Halloween night and it was brilliant!" Sam, UK Kingdom

"Thank you Gary,  you’ve opened up a whole new world to us."  Jen, Chris

"The Pirate Murder Mystery was the best murder mystery game we have ever played!" Debby

"The Titanic murder mystery game was our third Murder Mystery to host and the best." Thanks Sheila


© 2019 by Gary Laliberte

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