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The Western Murder Mystery
 Party game for 8 players
ages 18+
It’s Saturday night in the old west,
which means plenty of gunfights,
heavy drinking and dangerous outlaws.

The town of Deadbeat is no different.
Unfortunately for Sheriff Pickit,
who was found shot to death and slumped
over his desk, it was a bad night.

His body was found by Deputy Sweeney
as he returned from a call at around 10PM.
A page from the Sheriff’s log book shows
a list of locals that came by to see him
during the day, and it’s Deputy Sweeney
who’s convinced one of them returned to
commit the murder.

Can you solve this rather twisted,
western comedy of errors?

Western Saloon - Murder Mystery

Suspects, 4 male and 4 female:

Deputy Sweeney: A know it all kind of guy who’s rather inept at the job.

Lilly Willcox: Miss Lilly runs the “special” hotel in town.

Clayton Dotson: A mysterious gambler arrives in Deadbeat.
Ruby Christian: A small town school teacher with big hopes of catching a man.

Kwatoko Longbow: A fiery, dramatic Indian with a strong sense of justice.
Maggie Bushwacker: Local dance-hall girl who works for Miss Lilly.

Emmett Potts: A local sheep rancher with a big mustache.
Edna Roach: A tough female bounty hunter, who’s also a drinker and a fighter.

*Extra players:  Cowboy and Cowgirl detectives can be added as extra players. They are non suspect  players who recap the events of each round. The download has a special template, so you can printout as many booklets as you need. Extra Cowboys are a good thing.

Comes with suggested menu's and recipes.
Wagon Wheel Soup
Cornbread Muffins
Taco Bowl Salad
Western Chicken
Big boy steaks
Cowboy Hat Cupcakes
  • Game prints from a pdf file, both Mac and PC.

  • Easy to print and fold game booklets and clues.

  • Party invitations.

  • Character backgrounds and costume suggestions.

  • Western inspired recipes, and bottle labels.

  • Game solution and instructions.

  • Game play aprox 2 hours.


            You will need aprox 60 sheets of blank paper to

      print the game’s booklets, clues, and solution.

Game for 8 players.

4 males and 4 female players
$19.95 (US).

Eight player booklets, invitations, twelve game clues including four western themed wine/bottle labels, menus and character name tags.


Please note: this game is based on the Cowboy and Indian movies of the 40's and 50's. Some characters including the American Indian are portrayed in classic representation from that era and may not be politically correct for everyone.

Western game reviews:

t t t t t  Reviewed by Katherine Houk

Had an absolute blast with this party. The wine labels were such an amazing touch, and just one of the details that all the guests enjoyed. Full of humor and genuine challenge, I'll definitely be buying another one of these games! Really took away the anxiety of what to do as a hostess. Thanks so much!

t t t t t  Reviewed by Kristin

This shop is always a pleasure to purchase from and the Murder Mysteries are always so much FUN! This is the 5th of Gary's mystery dinners my family has done and they are a highlight of the year. People rearrange their schedules because they don't want to miss out. The dialogue is clever and funny, the characters are wacky, and the recipe suggestions are always tasty. A guaranteed good time for all. I highly recommend this murder mystery. No children for this one :)

t t t t t  Reviewed by RoseAmy

I’ve purchased several games from Gary through the years for our annual Halloween parties. Like the others, this Western Murder Mystery Party comes complete with all you need to host and participate in a fun and memorable evening with friends. Interesting story, colorful characters, easy flow of game, attractive booklet and accessories, creative menu ideas. Invitations are sent and now looking forward to the party around Halloween. Thanks!


t t t t t  Reviewed by Jodie Angus

We did the Western murder mystery party and loved it! It was very well organized and well written. I'll definitely be looking at your store for our next murder mystery party!

t t t t t  Reviewed by Denice

Just wanted to thank you again for another wonderful Murder mystery package. This was my fourth party using your murder mystery packages. I chose the western one and it was a “hoot”.  I love planning these parties around the different themes and really enjoyed getting the details down for this western one. The script flowed nicely and had us laughing throughout the evening. None of us were able to solve it completely but a few came close.  Thank you again! My sister in law just purchased one of your games after I raved about them.


t t t t t Reviewed by Kelsey

Great murder mystery! The dialogue was very witty and kept us all entertained. Creative story line and enjoyed the recaps at the end of each round, very helpful. Will purchase again!

t t t t t  Reviewed by Lynet

This murder mystery game had an amazing plot!



t t t t t  Reviewed by Lisa

We had our Western dinner party on Saturday and played your Murder Mystery Game, and once again we had a wonderful time! We laughed so much. It was a great party. We had vodka, beers, and tequila, and I made stuffed mini peppers with bacon, cream cheese and minced jalapeños, caprese (homegrown cherry tomatoes, homegrown basil, and marinated pearl mozzarella balls on a cactus toothpick.) Firecrackers which is a bread stick, bacon swirled around then rolled in a mix of brown sugar, cayenne and Cajun spice then baked till bacon was crispy. Those were a big hit. Chili and jalapeño cheese cornbread. The desert was amazing. My friend made a beautiful cake with cactuses and a Western look with a sunset. What a great time we had. Thank you! Lisa

                                     More game reviews with pictures here.

All games are copyrighted for personal home use only. See license information for usage in hotel murder mystery productions, bed and breakfast establishments and fundraisers etc.
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