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      The Dickens Murder Mystery Game for 10 players
16+ adult

It has been 23 years since Miss
Havisham was left at the altar by her
fiancé (Dickens Great Expectations).

Her Mansion is now in ruins and her
days are spent in a haze of madness.

A skeleton has been dug up on the
property. A mutilated, murdered corpse, that at least for
Miss Havisham must be her lost fiancé. Is it possible that after all these years she wasn’t in fact jilted? But who committed this atrocity?
A plan is set forth, as the very guests
that were present on her wedding day 23 years ago receive invitations to
spend Christmas Eve at the Satis Manor, and within the Christmas
merriment a murderer will be unmasked.

This is a wonderfully dark and humorous role-playing dinner party game. Play as one of Charles Dickens most beloved characters as you unravel the mysterious murder at Sadis Manor all the while proclaiming your innocence!
A Christmas Eve like no other, as you discover the horrors of each of the dinner guests, and their alibis. Along with a few morbid Christmas Carols, this is one evening you won’t soon forget!
Miss Havishams music box - Christmas

Suspects, 5 male and 5 female:

Lady Dedlock: Aristocratic, icy cold, with a deadly secret. “Bleak House”

Miss Havisham: Abandoned at the Altar. “Great Expectations”

Mr.Dorrit: A rich snob with a past. “Little Dorrit”
Fagin: A vile hideous man with a trailing of boys. “Oliver Twist”

Estella: Miss Havisham’s adopted daughter, sociopath. “Great Expectations”
Ebenezer Scrooge: Cold-hearted miser. “A Christmas Carol”

Pip: Miss Havisham’s angry protégé. “Great Expectations”
Vincent Crummles: Theater troupe leader, nasty habits.”Nicholas Nickleby”

Little Nell: A sweet girl, with murderous tendencies. “Old Curiosity Shop”

Sarah Gamp: Alcoholic midwife, accidents will happen. “Martin Chuzzlewit”

*Extra players:  Victorian detectives can be added as extra players. They are non suspect  players who recap the events of each round. The download has a special template, so you can printout as many booklets as you need. Extra players are a good thing.

Game for 10 players.
$19.95 (US).
  • All games print from pdf files, both Mac and PC.

  • Easy to print and fold game booklets and clues.

  • Party invitations (also email versions).

  • Character backgrounds and costume suggestions.

  • Dickens inspired recipes, period wine labels.

  • Game solution and full game instructions.

  • Game play aprox 2 hours.


            You will need 65 sheets of blank paper
print the game’s booklets, clues,
                         songbooks and solution.

Also comes with a Bloody Christmas Songbook with rewritten Christmas Carols to be sung throughout the evening.

Dickens game reviews:

t t t t t     Reviewed by Denicejb

My third mystery dinner with your printable packages and another great party! The carols were such a great addition and had us all laughing.


t t t t t     Reviewed by Calslane

This was so much fun! Everyone had a great time! With our small family group it was perfect! Everything was so easy to just print off as well! So we'll organized! Thank you!

t t t t t     Reviewed by Dacoda

This game was so much fun! The family and I had a blast Christmas Day with it.

t t t t t     Reviewed by Pooja Kelm

We had a BLAST!!! It was excellent. This was a really fun experience! I will admit

I was a bit anxious about hosting this but in the end it went so well! I was able to prepare with all the instructions you have so ably included in the game and I enjoyed it all even while playing the game myself!
Thank you for your creativity!

t t t t t     Reviewed by Tanya Loewen
We had so much fun! Great item and I love the attention to detail. I will definitely be back to buy other games!!

t t t t t     Reviewed by Brooke R
This will be the third party I have hosted of his! I’ve done the Fairytale, Titanic, and will do Dickens Christmas at the end of December. Can’t wait to find out the story!! The story lines are always so fun and surprising!  Super fun!

t t t t t     Reviewed by Diana Lowrey
Love the way the PDF file is set up. Makes it easy to print one section at a time or the entire thing. Although I plan on doing this game at my next year Christmas party, I wanted to purchase it now so I can start the printing and planning. I had a question and Gary responded quickly and provided me with my request and even threw in a surprise item! Although the game is for 10 people, I'm taking a suggestion and making teams of each character as needed. Also adding "staff" that will be able to ask a question. FYI if you have a HP printer, sign up for HP Instant Ink. The cheapest way to print at home with unlimited cartridges each month.

t t t t t     Reviewed by Vicki Kortright
We did this for our Christmas Eve family party. Everyone had so much fun! Everything was beautifully done and easy to put together.


t t t t t     Reviewed by Jann

We played this on Christmas Eve and all the grandkids played as well. We all loved it, and will be playing it again this year, Christmas Eve. Can’t wait to see how everyone plays and dresses.


All games are copyrighted for personal home use only. See license information for usage in hotel murder mystery productions, bed and breakfast establishments and fundraisers etc.
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