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      The Jane Austen Murder Mystery
              Game for 10 players  16+
A scandal of great proportions has rocked Rosings Park. A body has been found decapitated and stuffed into the water closet next to the breakfast room.
You are one of ten guests in this role-playing dinner party game that travels back in time to Regency England 1814. A time of stark contrasts, and of gossip and scandal. 
As one of Jane Austen’s beloved characters you are a guest at the estate of Lady Catherine de Burgh where the murder took place. Tonight all will be revealed.
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Jane Austen - Piano
Game for ten players. 5 males, 5 females. Based on the books “Pride and prejudice” “Sense and Sensibility” and “Emma.” Comes with easy to print game booklets, clues, party invitations (also email versions), period inspired recipes, wine labels, full game instructions, and game solution.

Suspects, 5 male and 5 female:

Darcy Fitzwilliam, a wealthy gentleman, and the master of Pemberley.

Mr. Bennet, the patriarch of the Bennet family.

Mrs. Bennet, a foolish woman whose only goal is to see her daughters married.
Miss Elizabeth Bennet, well read, quick-witted, the 2nd daughter of the Bennets,

Mr. Collins, A pompous, generally idiotic clergyman.
Marianne Dashwood, a spontaneous, excessively romantic seventeen year old.

Mr John Willoughby, an attractive but deceitful young man.
Frank Churchill, charming, and clever, but irresponsible, deceitful, and rash.

Emma Woodhouse, a 20-year-old young lady who is mature for her age.

Lady Catherine de Bourgh, a rich, bossy noblewoman.

Game download includes recipes for:


Dinner recipes include:

White Soup, Country Ham

with Raisin Sauce,
Vegetable Aspic,

Crispy Potatoes and Baked Apple Pudding with Brandy sauce.


Tea recipes include: Cucumber Sandwiches, Strawberry Sandwiches,
Raspberry Tarts, Cranberry Chocolate Scones, and Victorian Tea Cookies.

  • Game prints from a pdf files, both Mac and PC.

  • Easy to print and fold game booklets and clues.

  • Party invitations (also email versions).

  • Character backgrounds and costume suggestions.

  • Austen inspired recipes, period wine labels.

  • Game solution and full game instructions.

  • Game play aprox 2 hours.


            You will need 56 sheets of blank paper
print the game’s booklets,
                         clues, and solution.

INSTANT DOWNLOAD (zipped file)
Game for 10 players.
$19.95 (US).

Jane Austen game reviews:

t t t t t     Reviewed by Marcella 

I cannot recommend this enough! This is an absolutely fantastic Jane Austen Murder Mystery Game. We did this as a girl's night for a friend's 60th birthday. It was such a fun and easy event to plan thanks to all the details provided. We knew exactly what to wear and what to say. We did this as a 4 course dinner with each guest providing one component of the dinner which made the job of hosting a breeze. It was also a great chance to dust off some old silver, crystal and china pieces that were hidden in the cabinets. We will definitely be putting another of your murder mysteries on our calendar soon!

t t t t t     Reviewed by  Mary Catherine

I can’t express how much fun this game was! We had a micro wedding over Halloween and chose to use the Jane Austen Murder Mystery game during the dinner. It was so fun to have our immediate families playing the roles. The extras were also great. We didn’t have to worry about making name plates AND got some fun certificates too! Looking forward to using our next game from you on zoom with friends across the US!


t t t t t     Reviewed by Juanita Walker
The party was great! Everyone came in costume, and the scene was set just
right for Satis House. The food excellent and everyone had an awesome time!!! My guests are still talking about it and when asked, everyone said they would love to do more of your mysteries. Thank you for providing such excellent material – so professional. First printable game I’ve used that was as good a quality as the boxed versions. I’m so happy I found your site!

t t t t t     Reviewed by Amy Yang
I received the game files instantly; Gary was very nice and followed up to make sure I received everything. We had a great time with this game. I strongly recommend it.

t t t t t     Reviewed by sharon447
The game was brilliant! Lovely package of labels, invites, certificates etc. Really easy to put together packs for guests. I’ve already purchased another of your murder mystery’s so that I can plan the next one! Great seller, thank you Gary!

t t t t t     Reviewed by Agisiren
EXCELLENT! It was a HUGE success!!! SO much laughter and fun!!!

t t t t t     Reviewed by Nicole Neuhauser
Excellent murder mystery game! Looks a lot like the How to Host a Murder boxed games, except this one is all for Jane Austen fans! I was very impressed with all the many things the download included. There’s even a 25 song playlist attached as mp3 files to set the mood!

t t t t t     Reviewed by Ann
Quick response, great customer service! Awesome product!

t t t t t     Reviewed by Tawny Burgess

Really awesome! Used for my birthday.

t t t t t     Reviewed by  A. Alexander

So excited to have this game at our Austen party! This looks like it will be a big hit for our guests. Thank you!


t t t t t     Reviewed by  Ellie

My family and I had a really great time playing this murder mystery. We're a family of Austen fans, so we had high expectations! As there were 5 of us, we doubled up on roles, which added a fun, challenging extra element. The instructions were comprehensive, and the materials included were really great. The mystery plot itself was well thought out, and we all really enjoyed the process of playing the game & guessing whodunnit (only one of us guessed correctly, but we all had good theories)! We'd definitely like to try another of your murder mystery games in the future.

t t t t t     Reviewed by Allison Anderson

Great game! Good communication from seller


t t t t t     Reviewed by  Sharon Masson Lovely package of labels, invites, certificates etc. Really easy to put together packs for guests.  I've already purchased another murder mystery so that I can plan the next one! Great seller, thank you Gary!

t t t t t     Reviewed by Cait Fridmann

Loved it! All of my guests had a lot of fun.


t t t t t     Reviewed by Amy

This was a fantastic printable murder mystery set! It was easy to download and I had a lot of fun putting it all together and even the seller helped me with all my multiple questions! I even had some extra players and he provided extra booklets that I could print off! I loved the wine labels too! I bought some fancy sparkling cider and it looked so fancy and this was great!

                                  More game reviews with pictures here.

All games are copyrighted for personal home use only. See license information for usage in hotel murder mystery productions, bed and breakfast establishments and fundraisers etc.
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