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All of our games are basically assembled the same way. If you don't see the game you are playing below, simply watch any of the videos and they will explain the basic booklet and clue assembly
for all of our games. We also suggest that you may want to hand out each round separately
before playing that round instead of handing out the full booklet. This works very well too!

Fairytale game booklet and clue assembly
Alice in Wonderland game booklet and clue assembly
Titanic game booklet and clue assembly
Vampire game booklet and clue assembly
Jane Austen game booklet and clue assembly.
PLEASE NOTE: The Jane Austen game has been expanded. It is now played in four rounds instead of three. When assembling the booklets and clues, be aware that the booklets now have 4 pages, (The video above shows only 3) There are a few subtle changes as well with clue placement, but all of the instructions are still the same.
Any questions? Email me Thank you.
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