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      The Alice in Wonderland
      Murder Mystery

       Game for 10 players 
ages 13+ to adult

Using forensic reports, personal agendas, and even blueberry logs, you must uncover the details of Tweedledee's murder and win the game. Fun for teenagers as well as adults, enjoy this wonderfully humorous and exciting murder mystery dinner party game.

Wonderland  suspects, 5 male and 5 female:


Queen of Hearts: The ruler of Wonderland. The Queen is severe and domineering.

The Mad Hatter: A crazy, wacky hatter who loves to give tea parties.

Alice: is a polite young English girl who hates rudeness.
Tweedledum: The brother to the murdered Tweedledee.

The White Rabbit: Nervous and always in a hurry.

Housemaid Mary Ann: A french maid to the White Rabbit.

The Duchess: Cousin to the queen and just as nasty.
Cheshire Cat: A constantly grinning cat who appears and disappears at will.

The Cook: Works for the Duchess and is addicted to pepper.

The Executioner: The queens executioner and all around favorite guy.

  • All games print from pdf files,  Mac and PC.

  • Easy to print and fold game booklets and clues.

  • Party invitations (also email versions).

  • Character backgrounds and costume ideas.

  • Wonderland inspired recipes,  wine labels.

  • Game solution and full game instructions.

  • Game play aprox 2 hours.


You will need 56 sheets of blank paper to print on
  for the game’s booklets, clues, and solution.

Alice in Wonderland - Murder
Game for 10 players.
$19.95 (US).

Game download includes recipes for:
Alice's Mushroom Soup, Tomato and Cheese Toadstools, The Queen's Tarts,
Egg salad Carrots, Wonderland Cupcakes.

Alice game reviews:


t t t t t     Reviewed by Barbara Coe 

We loved this game. Everything is easy to follow. The ladies in my family
enjoyed it so much, that I did it again at our churches teen weekend.


t t t t t     Reviewed by Marianne Allitt

Absolutely brilliant. GARY is the most amazingly helpful seller I have come across. He was so helpful with the preparations and always replied swiftly. The files that are sent are so easy to follow. The clues and props are awesome. The game itself was brilliant. The scripts are easy to read and clear to follow… they’re highly hilarious. We all laughed so much from the minute the party started until today 24 hours later and we’re all still laughing. I’d highly recommend this game to everyone…definitely check out the seller’s other games, I am. We’ve already bought our next one!

t t t t t     Reviewed by Erin and Bern
We had the best night playing this!!! I had my closest friends and their partners come along for my birthday it was fab. I also have used the pirate one for my dads 60th that too was fantastic.

t t t t t     Reviewed by dpreed1014
This was perfect for my “un-milestone” 37th birthday party. Everything in the file was easy to use and beautifully done. The party was a huge success because this game was so good. Thank you!

t t t t t     Reviewed by Maren Hill
Great purchase! Fun night. We do a murder mystery dinner every year. This was by far the best! Includes everything you need for a great party! We will be coming back for another one next year.

t t t t t     Reviewed by Sharon
Another delightful package of goodies! I love putting the packs together and planning my parties. The images and colors are wonderful. I can see me buying the whole set of these games. Thanks.

t t t t t     Reviewed by Sandra Milic
It was superb! Great, smart plot, amazing clues! Bravo.

t t t t t     Reviewed by bethanygigante
We held the Alice in Wonderland Murder Mystery Dinner as our Halloween party this year. IT WAS AMAZING. The instructions are so clear and easy that we were able to play as the hosts without knowing who the murderer was until the end (just don’t read the solution while you are printing it out!). We will be purchasing from this store again. Thank you for a great time! This game came with EVERYTHING… dinner menu suggestions, recipes, printable decor! Thank you.

t t t t t     Reviewed by jrueckert09
So much fun!! This was the most well put together game I’ve seen. Thank you for the fun times!

t t t t t     Reviewed by Derek Baxter
Had our party last night, and it was a huge success. Everyone had a blast and loved the game. This is such a whimsical setting that it really allows for major creativity in the party planning as well! Loved it!

t t t t t     Reviewed by Rach
Great detail, amazing graphics, and really fantastic service from these guys.
Two thumbs up.

t t t t t     Reviewed by Jocelyn Orchard
This Murder Mystery was worth every penny and then some. The printable download with all the art etc. was very cleaver. Loved it, was so much fun to organize and play. Thanks Jocelyn.

t t t t t     Reviewed by lottie maisy
Excellent ! Amazing ! We had a fantastic party thanks, the download was easy to open and the instructions were very detailed, our evening went with out a hitch and everyone had a fabulous time.

t t t t t     Reviewed by alicephillips573
Very quick download with so many different aspects that all helped to make the dinner party work. Very detailed, and a brilliant experience – even worked well when those involved had a few too many! Would definitely recommend.

t t t t t     Reviewed by quig1ley
We threw a fabulous birthday party for a friend with this. Just perfect and loads of fun.

t t t t t     Reviewed by Rachel
This feedback is late but the party was awesome and everyone had a blast! It was my first time hosting a Murder Mystery Party and the clear instructions and extras on your website really helped. Thanks for helping make such a memorable night.

t t t t t     Reviewed by Rufus Ballaster
We were delighted to find PrintableMysteryGames’ Alice in Wonderland themed party available as a download – as my daughter’s 16th birthday party was imminent and she had decided that was absolutely what she wanted to have us host! We paid, got an email confirmation and within minutes had the email with the download link – it all came over as .pdf and opened up beautifully. The instructions were clear and the product professional: the 10 guests all enjoyed themselves even [better not say whodunnit] the murderer… Great fun was had with the dialogue and the prompts and the printed clues to hand around – we would recommend this to anybody. Well Done PrintableMurderMysteryGames!

t t t t t     Reviewed by jrueckert09
So much fun!! This was the most well put together game I’ve seen.
Thank you for the fun times! 

                            More game reviews with pictures here.

All games are copyrighted for personal home use only. See license information for usage in hotel murder mystery productions, bed and breakfast establishments and fundraisers etc.
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