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We had an awesome Alice in Wonderland party. Everyone loved the game and it was very easy to set up and play. There was so much included in the download. We got a bunch of great photos as well. I’ve attached some, thank you for helping us throw an awesome party! Kelli
Everyone said the Vampire Game was the best murder mystery they had ever been to even the professional ones in hotels. The extra details of wine labels and the menu suggestions made all the difference. It made it very easy for me to arrange. I highly recommend these to EVERYONE. These games are better than any boxed game. Thank you so much for all the fun you gave us. I will be ordering everyone of your mysteries. Janis
Playing Titanic was the best yet!

Thank you so much for a fantastic game. I have been doing murder mystery parties for over 10 years and this was the best yet! Many extras, reader friendly instructions and a lot of fun. The whole house was transformed into the ship. Each room was named after the actual room on the ship. And each guest brought a dish suggested from your Titanic Menu plan.Thanks again. Will definitely be ordering again. Nina, Texas
Your games have been a spectacular hit.

I have been using your murder mystery games for our annual fall neighborhood murder mystery party for the last four years. They are a big hit.  We tried other murder mysteries for the two years prior to discovering yours online and they were less than successful. Yours have been a spectacular hit. The way you organize the parts and menus has been wonderful.  Thank you. Jinni
Everyone had an absolute ball with the Alice in Wonderland game, and they totally got into character. Having hosted MANY murder mysteries I was wary of trying a new style of game..however we had a ball!! The preparation was easy and I love how all of the clues really come in to play in the game and the solution. We are about to do Titanic next month, and we are all looking forward to it with great anticipation!  Thanks, Tracey
The Pirate Murder Mystery was the best party yet.

Thank you for providing so much fun! There was constant laughter and many said it was the best party yet. Lots of toasting, laughing and Arrrghs throughout the evening. Thanks again, Jinni

We played your Vampire murder mystery on Halloween night and it was brilliant! Thank you for writing another great game, we are doing the Pirate Murder Mystery next and can’t wait for  A Bloody Dickens Murder Mystery. Thank you. Sam, Penzance, Cornwall, United Kingdom Vampire sisters; Lilith and Violet.

We enjoyed another one of your fabulous Murder Mystery Games. We have played Alice in Wonderland, Titanic and just recently The Fairy-tale Murders. Each one is brilliant and everyone has a wonderful time. The pressure is on from everyone to set a date for the pirate night. Thank you for creating such fun games. Cheers :) Kristy
We recently played the Dickens Murder Mystery Game, and it was like being swept along on a wave from the past. There was laughter all night long.  I was asked by my guests “When is the next party scheduled?”

I am an avid party thrower and this one set the bar high. If you want to host a party where everything has been taken care of for you, then this is the way. The DARK CAROLS in this package were amazing, especially the Twelve Days of Christmas.
Thank you again, Tante Teche

“Why are pirate parties fun? Cos they Arrrghhh!”

We had such a fun night. I had so much fun allocating the characters to my friends! Salty Kiss and Jacques Sparrow were hilarious. My friend looked great as the voodoo Queen. We loved the extra clues as they added an extra element to the game. I would fully recommend this game and any of the other games on the website. We can’t wait for the next one! Deb

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