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We LOVED your Alice in Wonderland game. It was fantastic.

Let me just say, if you’ve never attended or hosted a murder mystery party, ATTEND ONE! or HOST ONE! They are super fun.We  LOVED your game. It was fantastic. I’m so excited to do another one! We love, these fun filled evenings. We’re hoping to have a Murder Mystery Night tradition once a year.
Thank you, Heather
Our Titanic party was a success well beyond description.
In the words of ALL our guests–Norwegian, Virginian and Georgian…Fantastic!

Thank you so much. Your attention to detail, wicked sense of humor and superb game made our party a success well beyond description. We had 11 guests, and so appreciated the extra characters and enjoyed the evening immensely.
I am so glad we did this, and used your product!
Thank you! Laurie
 The Jane Austen murder mystery was marvellous fun!

Thank you for helping to make our extended family dinner the talk of the town! The game was very entertaining, especially from Round Three when the scandals continued to rock Rosings Park with all characters having some blemish on their character to conceal! All ladies were magnificent in the height of Regency fashion and the men were quite the rakes in their top hats, waistcoats and cravats. We thank you for helping to make our extended family dinner the talk of the town! Yours sincerely, Lady Kathleen
Our book club survived the Titanic iceberg on Saturday April 16th! A fun time for all. It got a little crazier than expected…. I recruited my husband to play the captain. I came aboard as his wife. Needless to say, things got a bit heated when his youthful indiscretions came out! ;) The Captain & his 1st “mate” had a rocky time but we didn’t hit the iceberg.

Thanks for another fun game. Jennifer
I loved hosting the Jane Austen Game. I have attached some photos of the group. I’m the maid in the photo. I also attached some of the food and décor as I tried to follow your suggestions as close as possible. Four people guessed the murderer on the night, you can tell the ones who were paying attention and who was just playing around. I’m so excited I love hosting these. Cheers Sara, Australia
Thank you for creating such a great game, The Vampire Murder Mystery! The printouts came out beautifully and I printed Tarot Cards out on card stock so that Violet had real cards to turn over and she was perfect with the crystal ball in front of her. Everyone came in character and I must say that of all the murder mystery games that I have played in the past this one was wonderful. I will plan more parties in the future with your games! Lisa Kaan

Our third Murder Mystery to host and the best. Titanic!

The Titanic murder mystery game was a huge success. I was an extra, “The Countess” but kept really busy with the meal. The Waldorf Pudding is a definite must. Overall a great party. Thanks again. Sheila

Thank you! A great successful fundraiser!

We used both your Alice in Wonderland Murder Mystery game and Bloodlines, The Vampire Murder Mystery for our New York Lions Club fundraisers. Thank you! Both were a great success!


Edward Cordes

The Pirate game was the best murder mystery we have played!

That was the best murder mystery game we have ever played! Everyone was very impressed with how easy it was to follow and how much fun it was! We’ve decided that we’re doing Alice in Wonderland next!
Thanks so much for the great game!!! Debby
The Alice in Wonderland murder mystery party went even better than planned.

I have to tell you that the party went even better than planned. It was held for my daughter who turned 15 and 9 of her friends. They had such a blast. We held the party in a 100 year old mansion which was a most suitable location. I loved every aspect of the party set. All kids love a mystery and especially if you dress up!
Thank you so much, Sincerely, Sandra
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