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Thank you for the wonderful Alice in Wonderland game.
My 16 year old daughter organized and ran the whole night. It was so easy and fun to use. My daughters and their high school friends had a great time. There was much laughter heard throughout the house. Thank you for making your game so user friendly.
Five stars!!! Lynda
Hi Gary, We have loved all your games…Vampires, Titanic, Jane Austin and Alice. Very excited to see the DaVinci one! With our Alice in Wonderland party (pictured here) we covered the house with Ivy and also covered the front door with cardboard and made a hole. Everybody had to come through the hole!Your new games look absolutely awesome!
Regards From Simon’s Town South Africa
We loved the Dickens Murder Mystery Christmas game... and its clues! We had so much fun. This is one of the best murder mystery games we have played. Here are some shots from our GREAT Dickens murder mystery dinner party! Such a delight! We cant wait to play the Da Vinci game next Rowin
We had non-stop laughter all night long with the Pirate Murder Mystery Game!  Last Saturday we held your Pirate Murder Mystery Game. I had the best time decorating my home as if it were an old tavern back in the 1700’s. The games design is beyond amazing. Everything was included, including a perfectly created and self-tested menu.The evening will never be forgotten. Thanks for showing us all how to have...
"SO DANG MUCH FUN!"  Elizabeth
WOW, we played the Dickens Christmas this weekend and what a blast. The singing was a hoot and we found it a bit difficult while screaming with laughter. I am waiting in anticipation for the next one you write. Keep up the good work! Regards Ernest Harris
Our Pirate Party was AMAZING!!! Working together to find the treasure was a GREAT part of the game! This is our fourth Murder Mystery with your games! They are the best I have ever hosted. The fun and laughs is a night to remember! Thank you so much!! We will be back for MORE! Erin
We had the most amazing time playing your Titanic Murder Mystery! We have done a few through the years and this is BY FAR the most fun. The game was filled with creative extras that made our night incredible. Our Guests couldn’t stop laughing and commenting on all the fun touches that transported us aboard the Titanic!

The dialogue was intriguing and HILARIOUS! WHAT a memorable night. We are set for another one of your games for a upcoming birthday and will be back for more in the future!! The laughter and night will be one we remember for years to come!
Thank YOU Gary!!! Jen N Marc

I have played several murder mystery games and this was the most fun, detailed, and interactive one by far! The Alice in Wonderland game is extremely well designed and easy to assemble. It also gave me creative freedom to transform the venue into a wonderland. We used all 14 characters and added additional players aka “Citizens of Wonderland” who were given slips of paper with the recaps to be read if it was applicable. We all really enjoyed the game and had an amazing time! Mahalo, Jolene

Your games have become the social event of the year! (Seen here: Our Pirate party last night) The laughter just doesn’t stop and I wonder how anyone ever manages to eat anything.
Thank you so much, Tara
We played the Jane Austen murder mystery on Sunday and it was absolutely brilliant!The game was hilarious and everyone loved the wine bottle labels and the awards certificates handed out at the end (which were also hilarious, as we tailored some of the blank ones to suit.) I’m looking forward to playing Alice in Wonderland now! Many thanks, Sharon
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