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Licenses for commercial use.

Our Printable Murder Mystery games are
often used for fundraisers, and performance
based events. Licenses are required for these

Please note: That our games were designed
for home use and you may need to adapt
the presentation to suit your individual purpose.

Printable Murder Mystery games is not responsible for the outcome or success of your event.

A simple license to run any game once for profit and for less than
25 attendees. Good for Bed and Breakfast establishments, event planners selling individual party's, Hotels doing a single table murder mystery nights. Game not included, and must be purchased separately.
$ 35.00 US
A simple license to run any game once, for up to 300 attendees (for profit). Good for Benefits and fundraisers.  Hotels doing larger style murder mystery weekends Game not included, and must be purchased separately.
$ 75.00 US
A simple license to run any game once for profit, for 300 - 1000 attendees.
Good for large theatrical productions.  Game not included, and must be purchased separately.
$ 150.00 US

Thank you! A great successful fundraiser!

We used both your Alice in Wonderland Murder Mystery game and Bloodlines, The Vampire Murder Mystery for our New York Lions Club fundraisers. Thank you! Both were a great success!


Edward Cordes

Fund-Raiser Event Presents: “Murder on the Titanic”

Just to let you know that we had a great time with your Titanic Murder Mystery Game. Our Museum used it as a major fund raiser for the center and had a sold out show! It was our best dinner theater yet! 3 months later and I’m still getting rave comments. Thank you Gary, can’t wait to see what you come up with next and neither can the rest of Port Greville!

A Great Success! Take care! Oralee
Your games have been a spectacular hit.

I have been using your murder mystery games for our annual fall neighborhood murder mystery party for the last four years. They are a big hit.  We tried other murder mysteries for the two years prior to discovering yours online and they were less than successful. Yours have been a spectacular hit. The way you organize the parts and menus has been wonderful.  Thank you. Jinni
Our most successful Halloween Galas yet.

Thanks to your wonderful Alice in Wonderland murder mystery game, we had a successful Halloween Gala at THE WESTMOUNT PUBLIC LIBRARY. All the staff and volunteers had a wonderful time. We think it was one of our most successful Halloween Galas yet. Donna and I have been organizing this event for 14 years so we are so happy when we find a new idea like your Alice murder mystery! Many of the parents made a point of saying how much fun they had with their children that night.
Thank you again, so much!
Wendy Wayling

Thanks to Murder Mystery Dinner Party Games for sponsoring last night's Book'd in Burbank season four premiere!


Murder Mystery Dinner Party Games' logo & web address were included in the event program and on the sign placed next to the gift basket in the lobby. Also, your business cards were handed out to attendees and there were verbal mentions throughout the program. 


I hope that Book'd connects you with new fans! Attached is a pic of the wrapped Book'd Lovers Gift Basket.


Enjoy the weekend,


We raised over $800 for our youth with Titanic.

We performed your Titanic Murder Mystery game here at Hartwell First United Methodist Church. It was a wonderful success. We raised over $800 for our youth and had 180 participants total. It was so much fun!!! We will do another murder mystery before the end of the year (congregation demanding it).

Thanks for all your help.

Dr. R. Allen Stewart
Hartwell First United Methodist Church

All games are copyrighted for personal home use only. See license information for usage in hotel murder mystery productions, bed and breakfast establishments and fundraisers etc.
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