Aug 5, 2017

These girls know how to dress up!


Edited: Aug 5, 2017



Well we had our 2nd murder mystery dinner last weekend after loving the Alice in Wonderland game so much. Titanic was a blast! (A night of titanic proportions!) We were in stitches half the night. Having a couple of actors/actresses in our midst – needless to say the accents and character play was superb! Plus 7 courses with palate cleansers etc.


We will be doing more of your games in the coming months for sure! Looking forward to the Fairytale murders. (and I want to do the Jane Austen one to reuse my Titanic costume) The pirate game sounds great too!!!!! Thank you again, Tracey.

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"We played your Vampire murder mystery on Halloween night and it was brilliant!" Sam, UK Kingdom

"Thank you Gary,  you’ve opened up a whole new world to us."  Jen, Chris

"The Pirate Murder Mystery was the best murder mystery game we have ever played!" Debby

"The Titanic murder mystery game was our third Murder Mystery to host and the best." Thanks Sheila


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