Feb 8, 2018

Thank you again for giving us such a fun Titanic game!


Edited: Feb 8, 2018

Dear Gary,

Nine of us took part in your wonderful Murder Mystery Titanic last Saturday, 3rd Feb.

We all had a fabulous time and we divided the play into four parts, with breaks in between for appropriate games and food. John (Ella's father with beard) bought two fantastic posters, the B.&W. one in particular was very atmospheric.


My husband, Chris drew some posters too and we tried to decorate as much as possible. Our entrance hall to the cottage we decorated with luggage and labels, we had an official customs and boarding area and everyone had to sign in. Over the archway into the dining room we had purple tinsel hanging as a curtain and the room itself looked lovely with several lighted lanterns and candles.

You really do have a gift for writing these murder mysteries, Gary, and there are so many suggestions and extra print-offs/labels to help with ideas that the whole experience is a real joy to take "on board." It also motivated us to read up about Titanic on the internet and it was quite fascinating to discover the facts about the doomed ship - doomed mostly because of outside events to do with weather and odd conditions.


Thank you again and again for giving us such fun last Saturday, as well as the hours of planning beforehand. We're all disappointed the occasion is over - it's even snowing today and that's in the South West of England (unusual).

Our very best wishes to you, Jen Barker.

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  • Lisa Kaan
    Oct 20

    Thank you for creating such a great game, The Vampire Murder Mystery! The printouts came out beautifully and I printed Tarot Cards out on card stock so that Violet had real cards to turn over and she was perfect with the crystal ball in front of her. Everyone came in character and I must say that of all the murder mystery games that I have played in the past this one was wonderful. I will plan more parties in the future with your games!
  • Lisa Kaan
    Oct 22

    We had the best time last night with this game! Every year we do a dinner and this is the third one using Gary's games. Can't wait to do another one!! Since I wanted to invite more people, I asked "District 333" to join us to help us find the murderer.
  • Lisa Kaan
    Jun 17

    We had so much fun creating a rabbit hole covered inside with lights and cards and crazy messages. After our guests walking threw the rabbit hole they drank something to shrink them to enter our gate and go threw the keyhole. We really had a fun time doing this one. Very colorful and I made all the decorations and mushrooms myself. Enjoy .

"We played your Vampire murder mystery on Halloween night and it was brilliant!" Sam, UK Kingdom

"Thank you Gary,  you’ve opened up a whole new world to us."  Jen, Chris

"The Pirate Murder Mystery was the best murder mystery game we have ever played!" Debby

"The Titanic murder mystery game was our third Murder Mystery to host and the best." Thanks Sheila


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