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Invitation to Lord and Lady Carnarvon's garden party at Highclere Castle.

Wonderful day yesterday at Lady and Lord Carnarvon's garden party in Newbury, England; Highclere Castle/Downton Abbey.

Spectacular vintage cars on display.

What could be better than spending time sipping Pimm's and talking with Lady Carnarvon about Canadian politics, specifically Sir John A. Macdonald, our first prime minister 1867, whom she will be writing about in her next book. We also had fun taking a picture with our selfie stick. :)

Taken from the beautiful carousel out on the lawn.

It took four tries, but I eventually hit the bell! LOL The little boy was so cute helping me out with suggestions. I Tipped him a pound. His eyes lit up.

We met this lovely lady and her maid while exploring the gardens at Highclere's. (below left)

The grand staircase in Downton Abbey (Highclere) where Lady Mary and Lady Edith both came down on their wedding days (above right).

We had the opportunity to spend some time in Lord Grantham's library. (Downton Abbey/Highclere Castle) The Library is where he (on the show) spent much of his time writing letters whilst Lady Grantham sat on the red sofa next to the fireplace.

Gerald was selected "Best Lord Grantham finalist." Lord Carnarvon handed this card to him for the finals.

Time to go! The lovely pub that we stayed at was "The Carpenters Arms" About 1.5 miles from Highclere.

One of our pub Dinners: Herb battered cod served with chunky chips and yummy mushy pea's. Oven roasted pork belly with cider gravy.

The carpenter Arms in Newbury England. Just settling our bill before leaving to catch a night train to London. "No worries" is a phrase we heard throughout our fabulous stay.

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