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The Alice In wonderland game was AMAZING! The laughs and fun will be remembered for years to Come. We did it as a Ladies Tea Party in the garden! Your games are the BEST we have ever done Thank you so much. Erin
Fund-Raiser Event Presents: “Murder on the Titanic”

Just to let you know that we had a great time with your Titanic Murder Mystery Game. Our Museum used it as a major fund raiser for the center and had a sold out show! It was our best dinner theater yet! 3 months later and I’m still getting rave comments. Thank you Gary, can’t wait to see what you come up with next and neither can the rest of Port Greville! A Great Success! Take care! Oralee
Titanic was a blast!

Well we had our 2nd murder mystery dinner last weekend after loving the Alice in Wonderland game so much. Titanic was a blast! (A night of titanic proportions!) We were in stitches half the night. Having a couple of actors/actresses in our midst – needless to say the accents and character play was superb! Plus 7 courses with palate cleansers etc.
We will be doing more of your games in the coming months for sure!
Thank you again, Tracey.
From the outset of purchasing the Fairytale Murder mystery game, this has been an extremely enjoyable experience.
From the welcoming emails to the downloads: booklets, clues, invitations, recipes, place cards, menu cards, bottle labels, awards…even a playlist of music and an audio newsreel, all were fantastic. We all had a blast, and are all still talking about the evening and are looking forward to doing another of your murder mystery's soon. This game was such a value for the money that I would highly recommend it to anyone! Thanks again, David Grimes.
I loved hosting the Jane Austen Game. I have attached some photos of the group. I’m the maid in the photo. I also attached some of the food and décor as I tried to follow your suggestions as close as possible. Four people guessed the murderer on the night, you can tell the ones who were paying attention and who was just playing around. I’m so excited I love hosting these. Cheers Sara, Australia
Your games are the best I have ever thrown. Just want to thank you for the Fairy-tale Murder Mystery. I have done maybe 12 all together, two of them yours, and the laughs from yours make the night. Plus all the amazing extras that create so much fun! It’s wonderful!

These are the best murder mystery games around. Thanks so much for sharing such fun games that make such amazing memories!
Yours in Gratitude Jen…

This was brilliant!

Ahh Thank you so much, this was brilliant! – we had a ball with the Alice in Wonderland Murder mystery game!

Jacqui x

I have NEVER laughed so much in my life!….playing your Vampire Murder mystery game. The way folks got into their roles was Unbelievable. Everyone loved this game.  BRAVO! Elizabeth

We played your Jane Austen Murder Mystery Game in my garden in the South of France with all my family: It was a special dinner and the gowns were home made. We had lots of fun and everybody wants to play another one. Thank you very much for your imagination and games. Isabelle

We and our guests really enjoyed the Titanic Game and  got into the spirit of Edwardian England, dressing the part, As well as hosting the event, we managed to serve the ten course meal, following your menu.  Somebody even lent us a brass bell inscribed Titanic. I grew a beard and I think you must agree, looked the part of Captain Smith. Many thanks, Andy Bonthrone, Swan Cottage, West Sussex, UK
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