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GAME OF THORNS combat training and archery in Kotor. Filming Locations tour in Croatia.

Updated: Mar 14

Our research trip to Montenegro and Croatia was fantastic. Giving us a wealth of information for the development of our 2023 Murder Mystery Game "Game of Thorns".

I had a wonderful opportunity to experience wearing full medieval armor and learn about combat here in Kotor Montenegro.

My two squires help me into the armor.

Along with the padding, the gauntlets and the helmet, the whole suit was very heavy. I can't imagine how these warriors were able to fight in them for hours on end.

There are many books on Medieval fighting techniques. Older one's are called “Fechtbuchs” (German for “fight book”) by aficionados of the art. The books illustrate a host of weapons and tricks. Among them are several manuals of unarmed combat, as well. The stylized Medieval drawings look crude at first, but once you decipher the style you can perceive the technique.

Next it was on to archery lessons. Which I loved and wished I had more time to perfect.

I had a great instructor, who taught me about the bow and arrow and how it was used as a weapon,the proper stance, and the correct tension needed for a direct shot.

From there it was off to Dubrovnik, Croatia to take a Game of Thrones filming locations tour.

We toured many of the films location from the fictional "Kings landing" in the HBO series Game of Thrones. King Joffrey's name day celebration was one of the locations that we visited, also filmed here in Dubrovnik, along with so many others.

Below; Our Game of Thrones guide Ruth.

Dubrovnik is breathtakingly beautiful. I can see why the TV series choose to film here.

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