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We travel to London to investigate the murders of Jack the Ripper for a future game.

Our investigations took us to the 10 Bells Pub at the London Experience in England. The 10 Bells was the most well-known surviving pub associated with the White Chapel Murders and it's victims. Annie Chapman and Mary Jane Kelly, both prostitutes, were seen at the pub prior to their murders. Below : A rather odd selfie at the pub. Our waitress clutches her throat, and It looks like Jack the Ripper picking up his next victim!

We continued the evening with a great attraction called "The London Dungeon". If you've ever wanted to explore the city's dark history, then this is for you! (below).

Next we boarded the Jack the Ripper tour bus, where our guide gave us the full accounts of each murder as well as stop-offs at the exact spots where the murdered victims were found. Each murder location that we visited was either a dark street or back alley.

With the information that our guide was giving us, Julie and I re-created one of Jack the Rippers murders right there on the spot where a killing had taken place (everyone’s cameras came out LOL). I know it is gruesome, but what better way to understand a murderer’s motivation then to “act” out the murder. Along with my own investigations, I now have a theory who Jack the Ripper really was …and it will be revealed in a future game … The Jack the Ripper Murder Mystery Game.

London,1888 the city was in terror as prostitutes were being murdered, and the police were unable to stop it.

Another spot where a killing took place.

Our exploration took us to the foggy gas lit streets of the White Chapel area where Jack the Ripper murdered his victims. Silent reminders are everywhere, if one takes a look.

The parish church of Whitechapel.

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