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The Jane Austen Parade/Promenade in Bath England.

First night in Bath England with a fabulous dinner at Bistro Pierre; yes, first night here in the UK and we go French LOL. Gorgeous B&B; Marlborough house. Getting ready for our debut participation in the Jane Austen Parade tomorrow...

Bath, England, a place very much at the heart of Jane Austen’s life and works, and where we had the opportunity to take part in the Jane Austen Grand Regency Costumed Promenade (parade). A day like no other, a day immersed in the world of Jane Austen

We began and ended the 90 minute promenade through the beautiful city of bath at the assembly rooms. Afterwards our visit to the Jane Austen Center gave us a snapshot of life during Regency times, along with a delicious afternoon tea.

Here, seated with the lovely ladies, Laura, Jane, Emily and Rebecca we ate a delicious lunch followed by raisin scones, Victoria sponge cake and a pot of hot tea.

After being Inspired by so many of Jane Austen’s works, such as “Pride and Prejudice” “Sense and Sensibility” and “Emma” a murder mystery would be a wonderful way to combine my favorite characters into one evening. A Murder Mystery evening!

LOL we made it on the Bath UK Cronicle! Interview by By Sam Petherick and Bethan Moorcraft: Bath city centre was awash with literature lovers in 18th century wear for this morning's Jane Austen Regency Costumed Parade.... Gary Laliberte, left, and Gerald Dore, who came from Canada to participate in the Jane Austen Regency Costumed Parade which took place throughout Bath city centre. The procession attracted about 500 people who donned spectacular outfits for the annual parade. It began and ended at the Assembly Rooms and afterwards, we caught up with Gary Laliberte and Gerald Dore who came over from Montreal in Canada for the event. Gary said his favorite Jane Austen novel is Pride and Prejudice, and that he is immersing his friend "deeply" in the English culture of Jane Austen on this literature holiday. He said Lizzie Bennet was his favorite Austen heroine and gave a special mention to Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Gerald said he had "loved" today and added: "Bath is a beautiful city, it's like walking onto a film set. "I envy those living here because it's beautiful." Gary adds that his friend has 10 thousand pounds a year (just like Darcy) and is a swiffy dancer. The duo are leaving the regency era behind tomorrow when they will go to the Lake District to visit Beatrix Potters "Hill Top" farm. By Sam Petherick and Bethan Moorcraft

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