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Visiting the Von Trapp family (Sound of Music) on Halloween night.

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

I filmed this on Halloween night, while visiting the Von Trapp lodge in Stowe Vermont. The famous family from the musical "The Sound of Music" resides here in their lodge. Many of the original family have passed away, and the children and grandchildren run the establishment.

We just got back from the Grave site of Maria Von Trapp and the Captain!!!!!!Very spooky on Halloween night! And it is snowing up here! HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

A nice visit with Maria's granddaughter Kristina, and her mother Lynne. Kristina was lovely and signed a Sound of Music DVD for me :)

Down in the Von Trappe wine cellar we tested 6 wines! How fun, and I might add on a empty stomach.

Seen here with Scott in the Von Trapp family estate wine cellar. All wines were from an area on the eastern bank of the Rhone river, French section. Paul Jaboulet Aine 2007 (Shocked at the Grapefruit edge) 2. M.Chapoutier 2007 pepper...y, black cherry, nice. 3.Domaine Gilles Robin 2008 smooth, fruity and open, great!. 4 Domaine Belle, wild flowers and herbs. 5. Oliver Dumaine 2004 a bit medicinal. The sixth was a bonus wine and I cant remember it! Number 3 Won for me!

So many little time.

One of the cheeses was incredible. A wasabi flavored cheddar. Absolutely delicious.

On our way home we stopped at the general store and then had lunch at the Shed family restaurant.

A bowl of super spicy chilly in a bread bowl, honey fried chicken with the most unbelievable mashed potatoes and coleslaw on the side really hit the spot!

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